A new Pokemon, Grafaiai, has been revealed

A brand new Pokemon, Grafaiai, has been revealed after a series of teasers hinted at it.

The Pokemon is based on the aye-aye monkey, a long-fingered lemur native to Madagascar. Game Freak’s take on this species is pretty interesting, as they covered its long fingers in paint that it uses to make art and mark its territory.

Grafaiai is the Toxic Monkey Pokemon, and has two types: Poison and Normal. It’s described as a “moody Pokémon with a fastidious disposition. It doesn’t form packs, preferring to roam alone. It’s constantly caught up in territorial struggles with other Pokémon.”

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It’s another reveal in a series of them for the new Pokemon games coming later this year. Scarlet and Violet mark the start of generation 9, and come out this November. They promise to introduce many more new Pokemon like this one, and allow players to roam freely around the new region Paldea.

the Graffiti Monkey

More information about Grafaiai was revealed on the Pokemon website. We learned that it’s a nocturnal Pokemon, and after the sun has set it licks its fingers to cover them in the poison it uses to draw its patterns. Pretty gross.

That poisonous saliva apparently paralyses any bugs that are unfortunate enough to wander into it. Bug Pokemon are drawn to the sweet scent of the poison, and after the night has passed, Grafaiai will go to collect its immobilised prey.

The saliva changes colour based on what Grafaiai eats, so different berries will alter the design it paints. It also has two abilities – Poison Touch, naturally, and Unburden.

Overall it looks like a really creative take on an existing creature. We have a lot of monkey Pokemon, but this one manages to stand out a lot more than others. It’s big bulbous eyes and long fingers are kinda creepy but also kinda endearing in their own way.

What’s your favourite reveal from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so far?

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