Alan Wake Remastered Collectibles Guide: Every Manuscript Pages Location


There are 23 manuscript pages in ‘Alan Wake Remastered Episode 2: Taken.’

Manuscript Page 14 – The Sudden Stop 1: Found on a pile of manuscripts in Alan’s office in the NYC apartment.

Manuscript Page 15 – The Sudden Stop 2: Found on a pile of manuscripts in Alan’s office in the NYC apartment.

Manuscript Page 18 – Alice Sees a Shadow: Inside the police station, in the break room by a fridge.

Manuscript Page 16 – The Dark Presence in the Diner: On your way out to the back of the police station, head through the jail cells and find this page sitting in an empty cell.

Manuscript Page 17 – Wake at Lovers’ Peak: In the grassy area where you find Alice’s driver’s licence in the old truck, this page is on a nearby small rock.

Manuscript Page 19 – Barry Doubts Wake’s Sanity: Once you’re on your way to meet the kidnapper, head down the steps after leaving the cabin and find this page on the ground near a yellow truck.

Manuscript Page 31 – Rose and Rusty: This page is on the floor in the corner of a lookout point, about halfway down the hill from the cabin where you started.

Manuscript Page 20 – Rusty Dying: On your way down the trail towards the park visitor centre, the page is in the back of a car that’s parked on the road.

Manuscript Page 21 – Rusty Attacked by the Dark Presence: At the entrance to the building where you need to turn on the power in the visitor’s centre. The page is laying down on stone wall.

Manuscript Page 22 – Wake Reaches a Safe Haven of Light: Inside the building at the visitor’s centre where you turn on the power. You need to get the key from Rusty first before you can enter this building. It’s on the floor in the hallway.

Manuscript Page 23 – Rusty’s Final Thoughts: It’s on the log picnic table just after defeating the Rusty miniboss. There’s a safe haven just to the left of the table.

Manuscript Page 32 – Barry Meets Rose: After crossing a bridge, you’ll see a sign pointing left that says “Lovers’ Peak”. Head right instead of left and it leads you to a page laying on the ground by a picnic table.

Manuscript Page 24 – Wake Sees the Torch Symbol: After crossing another bridge and starting a generator to trigger a safe haven, this page is a little bit ahead on the ground near a Lovers’ Peak sign. 

Manuscript Page 25 – Nightingale’s Arrival: When you find the barricaded gate and have to jump over the fence to get around, this page is sitting on top of a rock straight ahead.

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Manuscript Page 26 – Alice’s Fear of the Dark: This page appears just after your fight with the kidnapper where you get thrown over the edge below Lovers’ Peak. It’s directly ahead of you on the cliff edge.

Manuscript Page 33 – Sarah Thinks About Wake: As soon as you can see the watermill, search the cliff’s edge for a page. It’s behind a log near a picnic area.

Manuscript Page 27 – Wake Hears a Chainsaw: Find this page after using the generator to turn on a safe haven. It’s in a hut directly ahead before a huge drop. Don’t drop down because you can’t get back up.

Manuscript Page 34 – Deputies at the Logging Site: Inside the watermill, head out onto a balcony and find this page laying on a bag.

Manuscript Page 28 – Barry in Elderwood: This page is just after you jump across the elevator in the watermill. It’s on a pile of bags directly ahead.

Manuscript Page 35 – Wake Feels the Dark Presence: Once you leave the watermill, find a barn on the left hand side of the trail. Climb over the boxes and you’ll find a page on top of a chest.

Manuscript Page 29 – Nightingale Fires at Wake: In the campgrounds where you find the truck, it’s by a bin next to the ladies’ toilets door.

Manuscript Page 36 – Wake’s Despair: Once you’re driving in the truck, continue on until you reach the end of the road blocked by a lorry. You’ll have to turn left to go back up to the cabins. Instead, get out of the car and head into the tunnel. A page is on the ground in front of another lorry.

Manuscript Page 30 – Wake at the Dark Presence’s Mercy: Just after your last phone call with the kidnapper before reaching Barry in the cabin. It’s directly on the trail and hard to miss. You can only collect this page on NIGHTMARE difficulty.

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