Alan Wake Remastered Collectibles Guide: Every Manuscript Pages Location


There are 25 manuscript pages in ‘Alan Wake Remastered Episode 3: Ransom.’

Manuscript Page 37 – Randolph Calls the Police: After you leave Rose’s trailer, find it on the ground right in front of you.

Manuscript Page 38 – The Dark Presence Sleeps: While being chased by the police, you can find this on a log just after exiting the river.

Manuscript Page 44 – Rose Visited by the Dark Presence: When you reach the part where the police car flies into the road, turn right and head down the path to find a page by a fallen tree.

Manuscript Page 45 – Rose Touched by the Dark Presence: Just after a safe haven with a radio, you’ll cross a bridge where you’re attacked by some Taken. Veer off to the right along the cliff edge and find another page chilling here.

Manuscript Page 39 – Nightingale in the Radio Station: After you drop down from the Radio Station, check out this page pinned to a fence on the trail.

Manuscript Page 46 – Walter Fights Danny: After heading down the trail after leaving the Radio Station, use the radio tower as a landmark and hug the right wall. Eventually you’ll find a long path that goes up towards the tower. The page is at the base of the tower next to some supplies. If you need help finding the way to the tower, find the next safe haven after the radio station, but head right instead of going straight ahead.

Manuscript Page 47 – Wake Attacked by a Bulldozer: This is after you get ambushed inside the shack with all the worklights. The game wants you to head left and down the trail towards the light. Instead, head right and go up to a gated fence with a page sitting on it.

Manuscript Page 40 – Sarah Distrusts Nightingale: Grab this page on a rock just to the right of the trail before you reach a safe haven. The cliff is overlooking the railway tracks.

Manuscript Page 41 – Wake Attacked by a Possessed Object: After grabbing the previous page, continue on past the safe haven and find this page laying on a tree stump at the junction.

Manuscript Page 42: After crossing the train bridge, find this page near the ladder to the water tower. It’s around the side of the fence near the cliff edge.

Manuscript Page 48 – Wake and Night Springs: Find another page after climbing up the ladder. It’s under the water tower on a tree stump. You can only collect this page on NIGHTMARE difficulty.

Manuscript Page 43 – Wake Attacked by the Dark Presence: After you leave the trainyard warehouse, this page is sitting on the balcony just before you drop down.

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Manuscript Page 57 – Mott on the Ferry: Now we’re on the way to meet the kidnapper at the coal mine. During your drive in the daytime keep an eye out for a large orange mine tower. It’s just after the large Firewatch-style tower. Head inside, go up the stairs all the way to the top and find a page on a chest.

Manuscript Page 49 – Sarah in the Radio Station: You can’t miss this one. It’s on the wooden path heading into the coal mine museum. Look out for the entrance signs.

Manuscript Page 50 – Thomas Zane in Love with Barbara Jagger: When you’re in the trainyard after coming out from the museum, this page is sitting on the floor in front of some wrecked traincars.

Manuscript Page 51 – Wake Touched by the Dark Presence: Climb the ladder inside the second warehouse at the coal mine, after the part where you’ve had to turn off the power. The page is in the same room with the red armchair, near a yellow sign that says ‘Follow’.

Manuscript Page 52 – Wake and Barry in the Cell: You can find this one shortly after exiting the gates of the second mine warehouse. It’s on the trail you follow sitting on a small rock.

Manuscript Page 60 – Wake Reads a Page: At the ghost town, find the sign that reads ‘Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town’. The page is on a rock behind the sign. You can only collect this page on NIGHTMARE difficulty.

Manuscript Page 53 – Wake and Casey: This page is on the wooden bridge you must cross to get through the ghost town.

Manuscript Page 59 – Doc Examines Barry and Rose: After crossing the bridge, find this page on a log inside a hut on the left side of the track. You can only collect this page on NIGHTMARE difficulty.

Manuscript Page 58 – Hunters Taken: For this page, you’ll enter a large cave tunnel in the silver mine where you have visions of Jagger and Alice. Keep pressing on and at the very bottom of your descent, do a 180 to find the page on some rocks.

Manuscript Page 54 – Nightingale in the Majestic: This is in the area of the silver mine where you can see a faint light at the end of a tunnel and then get ambushed by many Taken. As soon as you drop down, check the left hand side of the area to find a page.

Manuscript Page 61 – Tor Hits Nurse Sinclair: When you leave the silver mine, you’re prompted to head down some stairs towards a cable car. Instead, head up the steps and a ladder to find a square platform at the very top of the mountain. The page is here.

Manuscript Page 55 – Mott at Cauldron Lake: Just before reaching the old decrepit building, there’s a broken bridge. Veer off to the left and find a manuscript page chilling to the side.

Manuscript Page 56 – Wake Wakes Up in the Lodge: The final page for Episode 3 is on the stairs after you leave the house where the floor collapses. It’s hard to miss, directly on your path.

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