Alien Isolation Remaster On Unreal Engine 5 Looks Terrifying

Someone has reimagined first-person horror Alien: Isolation using Unreal Engine 5 and it’s stunning, yet absolutely terrifying!

Alien: Isolation was released in 2014 and to this day, I still believe it’s one of the scariest games I’ve ever played. Aesthetically it captures the vibe of Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien movie perfectly.

YouTube video

Set 15 years after the original movie, you play Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen. In search of her mother’s whereabouts, her investigation leads her to the Sevastopol Space Station. However, Sevastopol is home to a giant Xenomorph that will relentlessly hunt her down.

Nowhere is safe!

Despite releasing eight years ago, Alien: Isolation still looks and plays great to this day. However, fans have been longing for a sequel (not including the mobile game), but unfortunately, there are no signs that the sequel will ever happen.

Credit: SEGA/The Creative Assembly

Thankfully, as reported by Screen Rant, fans have taken matters into their own hands to give us a taste of what a modern sequel on PC and consoles might look like.

The Alien: Isolation reimagined trailer was uploaded to the YouTube channel, Enfant Terrible. The trailer in question showcases a new and grimy Sevastopol with breath-taking detail and lighting effects.

No one will hear you scream

We also see Ellen Ripley who featured in the Alien: Isolation DLC, Last Survivor as well as Crew Expendable. However, we also get to see Facehugger’s hatching out of eggs and of course, a terrifying Xenomorph recreated using Unreal Engine 5.

YouTube video

It’s unlikely that we’ll get a proper Alien: Isolation sequel, but if we do, this Unreal Engine 5 trailer could give us an insight into the kind of new-gen terrors that will plague our nightmares once more. Fantastic!

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Featured Image Credit: SEGA/Creative Assembly