GTA Online Player Creates Stunning Rainbow Road Racetrack

A GTA Online player has remade the infamous Rainbow Road track from Mario Kart, and it is surprisingly good.

Over the years, Nintendo has provided us with a huge number of memorable tracks. Wario Mountain, Baby Park, Coconut Mall (the last of which proved controversial amongst fans). There’s a little something for everyone in Mario Kart.

But no track has stood the test of time more so than Rainbow Road. A track that has as many as eight different versions, some receiving remakes at different points. And now, one GTA Online player has remade their own version of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart for the heist focused multiplayer game.

gta online has plenty of customisation

If you didn’t know, in GTA Online players can make custom driving tracks to make all manner of ridiculous courses. So GTA Online player Bozman19161 clearly did what needed to be done, and remade Rainbow Road for GTA Online. And it honestly looks pretty good all things considered.

The track was shared on the GTA Online subreddit by iosgamer2day, showing off the track in full. The entire track is of course rainbow coloured, with a number of boosts along the way. Though of course, this being GTA means that it doesn’t have that tight drift boosting action Mario Kart does.

mario kart rainbow road
Credit: Nintendo/

Still, the fact the track is placed way above the city means players do get to experience that classic rage fuelled by falling off the side of the track. The track is quite simply called N64 Rainbow Road if you want to try it out yourself, or you can click here to go directly to the job’s page.

A recent rumour also suggested that Liberty City might be coming as an expansion to GTA Online. That would certainly be a huge addition to the game, though time will tell if it does end up being true. 

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Featured Image Credit: iosgamer2day/ Nintendo