Apex Legends is retaining more players than it ever has

Apex Legends continues to set records for itself as it averages a new peak count of players per day on Steam.

Since Apex Legends came out in 2019, it has continued to grow in popularity, proving itself as one of the best battle royale titles out. With regular updates and new characters, there’s always something around the corner to bring players back.

With the new season, Apex Legends is managing to retain more players than ever before. It reached a new minimum daily peak count of 329,041 on Steam, according to Eurogamer. And that doesn’t count all the people playing the game on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

Apex Breaking Records

Previously, the minimum daily peak was 311, 275, and has since jumped by over 15,000 more players to the new peak. The average daily peak has also climbed up to 414,130 from 339,363 players. And even the new peak player count of over 500,000 was set recently, showing just how popular Apex Legends still is.

Credit: EA

This comes after certain players decided to start the campaign #NoApexAugust, to try and get people to stop playing the game in response to the game’s issues. August has now passed, and Apex is doing better than ever. The developers even fixed some of the issues players were complaining about, like certain character’s abilities.

The newest season of Apex Legends, Season 14, came out last month. Hunted introduced a new sniper legend, Vantage, and increased the level cap for players. Additionally, the King’s Canyon map was updated once again with new play areas.

The season is proving to be a massive success for Respawn Entertainment and EA. Let’s hope they can continue to pull in more players for future seasons, as it should only lead to more improvements and content in the future.

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