Babylon’s Fall is being taken offline, upsetting its three players

The Square Enix live service title Babylon’s Fall is being taken offline due to a lack of players.

The game only launched this year, back in March 2022. But it will be taken offline less than a year after that launch period in February 2023. The servers will be shut down on February 28th, just under a year since players first entered them.

Babylon’s Fall was a huge disappointment for Square Enix. The game, developed by Platinum Games, failed to attract players right from the start. There was even a time when its player count dropped to just 1 player. Whoever that player is, they were a trooper.

Sadly, the game has not managed to improve much over the past few months.

Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix Statement

A statement from Square Enix reads “With the desire of delivering an exhilarating online multiplayer action RPG set in an elaborate high fantasy world, we launched the game’s official service on Thursday, 3rd March 2022, and have continued to undertake additional development and operations.”

“However, it is with deep regret to inform you that we will be terminating the game’s service on Tuesday, 28th February 2023. As a result, we will also cancel the large-scale updates that we had planned. In terms of the plan moving forward, Season 2 will run until Tuesday, 29th November 2022 as scheduled, and the Final Season will begin with the maintenance scheduled on the same day. This Final Season is the period during which you can earn the ranking rewards of Season 2.

“As a way of expressing our gratitude to all our players, we plan to implement as many events and other initiatives as we can, leading up to the end of the service.”

It’s been a rough ride for Babylon’s Fall, and Square Enix didn’t exactly help matters by slapping on a £60 price tag at launch. Hopefully Platinum Games will bounce back.

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