Call Of Duty: Warzone ‘Could Perform Better On Xbox Series X Than PS5’

According to reports, Call of Duty: Warzone (and Modern Warfare) could perform better on Xbox Series X than PS5, running up to 120 FPS on the Xbox console.

COD warzone
Credit: Activision

The report comes courtesy of Digital Foundry, a publication known for its in-depth technical analyses for video games and hardware.

The reports of Call of Duty: Warzone running at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X come following an update for the game which was initially discovered in the patch notes.

Map of Warzone
Credit: Activision

Adding to the report, Eurogamer notes that the Call of Duty: Warzone listing has been updated via the Microsoft Store, advertising that the game will support 120 FPS.

To run games at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X you will need a more modern 4K TV which supports HDMI 2.1.

However, while the Call of Duty: Warzone listing has been updated to support 120 FPS on the Microsoft Store, no such update exists on the PlayStation Store at the time of writing.

PS5 and Xbox Series X
Credit: Sony/Microsoft

Digital Foundry also reports that not only is Call of Duty: Warzone still listed as a PS4 title on the PlayStation Store, but the PS5 version runs at a maximum 60 FPS.

At this time neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has commented on the reports. 

In my humble opinion this could just be the case of the Xbox Series X version being updated first, with the PlayStation 5 version to follow. I’d find it unlikely that the 120fps performance would only be playable on Xbox Series X and not PS5. 

Image from COD Warzone
Credit: Activision

It’s also likely that both next-gen console versions will have a choice of performance and visual preference options at some point.

That said, I know 120 FPS isn’t the be all and end all, but if there were two genres that I would love to see perform at a top-end framerate it would be the racing and first-person shooter genres.

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