Witcher gonna do with three new games?!

CD Projekt Red announces two more Witcher games

CD Projekt Red has announced that two more Witcher games are in development, in addition to the one previously announced.

Earlier in 2022, a new Witcher game was announced. This new game would be the start of a new trilogy for The Witcher series. At this time, little is known about this new mainline entry. All we know is that it will once again be inspired by the novels. It’s likely that the new game will have a new protagonist, as well as a new setting.

The previously announced Witcher title now has a codename, which will be a common theme for the flurry of recent CDPR announcements. The Witcher game that we already knew of is dubbed “Project Polaris”.


what of the other Witcher games from CD Projekt Red?

The second of three Witcher games in development is dubbed “Project Sirius”. This will be developed by US-based studio The Molasses Flood rather than CD Projekt Red in Poland. Project Sirius is described as “an innovated take on The Witcher universe telling an unforgettable story for existing Witcher fans and new audiences.

Finally, the third and final Witcher game that will be in development is dubbed “Project Canis Majoris” and will be a “full-fledged” game.

This title will also not be developed by CDPR, however, it will be developed by “ex-Witcher veterans.” Taking inspiration from previous mainline entries, this instalment will be an “open world RPG set in The Witcher universe.


When will the new Witcher games be released?

At this time, the three new Witcher games do not have a release date. All we know is that all three Witcher games aim to be released within a six-year period, following the launch of Project Solaris. So, be prepared for a long wait indeed.

Don’t forget about The Witcher 3 new-gen port!

the Witcher cd projekt red
Credit: CD Projekt Red

Let’s not forget that the three new Witcher games are all in addition to the native new-gen port of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is expected to release later this year. That’s assuming it suffers no further delays.

In related CDPR news, amongst the flurry of studio announcements, the developer also revealed that a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 is also in the works. Furthermore, given that all the new titles will be years away from release, it’s safe to assume that they will not release for PS4 or Xbox One.


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