Cloud Chamber Reveals New Details On BioShock 4

Another spate of job listings over at 2K Games studio Cloud Chamber have revealed yet more new details on the upcoming BioShock game.

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Cloud Chamber, who has confirmed they’re working on the new BioShock, is on the hunt for new employees to work on the game. While video game job listings usually tend to be quite vague, Cloud Chamber doesn’t seem to be holding back.

The listing for a AI Gameplay Programmer mentions that the next BioShock is aiming to test the limits of its AI, potentially suggesting we’re going to be getting something we’ve never seen before in a video game.

Credit: 2K Games

“We think we are trying some new and ambitious things with AI in this game and we want someone comfortable with pushing the state of the art and experimenting with unproven ideas,” says the listing, before adding the successful applicant must believe in a “experimental approach to game development.”

Meanwhile, a listing for a Senior Audio Programmer explains that BioShock 4 (an unconfirmed title) will be a “strongly narrative and systemic game.”

Fans of the BioShock series will know the games have always had a strong focus on narrative, so it’s great news to hear that Cloud Chamber isn’t abandoning the roots of the games.

Credit: 2K Games

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Cloud Chamber website reveal new details on BioShock 4.

Not too long ago, a set of job listings from the studio who’s now developing the next BioShock gave away a taste of what we might expect from the upcoming game, suggesting it won’t be taking place in either Rapture or Columbia.

In a job post for a Lead Environment Modeler in Montreal, the site specifically mentioned the studio is working on BioShock, before citing its plans to create a “new and fantastical world.”

Credit: 2K Games

“We want you to set the example, leading efforts to help us breathe life into a new and fantastical world,” read the post.

Considering BioShock fans have spent two games in the underwater world of Rapture, and another game in the cloud city of Columbia, you have to ask what “new world” is coming next…?

Hopefully we’ll start to hear more on BioShock 4 as time goes on!

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games