Crazy Taxi And Jet Set Radio Remakes Are In Development, Report States

A new report claims that there are “big budget” remakes of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi in development. 

The report comes from Bloomberg. And according to those familiar with the plans the remakes are an attempt to find a global hit like Fortnite by using its back catalogue. Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi would apparently be the first titles developed as part of Sega’s ‘Super Game’ initiative. The company spoke about this recently, but not much is known about the project as of yet.

YouTube video

According to the report, the Crazy Taxi reboot has already been in development for over a year. And the aim is to release it within two to three years. Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi were mentioned in Sega’s annual report a year ago on a list of intellectual property that Sega wanted to potentially revitalise. Giving some credence to the claims from Bloomberg’s sources, who wished to not be named. Importantly though, both games are still in the early stages of development. And according to Bloomberg’s sources, could still be cancelled at any time.

It’s odd that Sega is looking at arcade-like titles like Crazy Taxi to hit that Fortnite demographic. Both it and Jet Set Radio are much more cult-classic in status than anything else. So how Sega might approach these titles with a modern rework could alienate the core audience of these games.

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Featured Image Credit: Sega