Crystal Dynamics sends out survey asking about Legacy of Kain series

Crystal Dynamics has sent out a survey asking fans what they think about the possibility of the Legacy of Kain series returning.

This series began with Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain in 1996 for the original PlayStation. Before arriving on PC the following year. However, the series arguably hit the height of its critical acclaim with its follow-up in 1999, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

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It’s been a patient wait for Legacy of Kain fans

Sadly, it’s been many years since we visited the world of Nosgoth. The final entry in the series, Legacy of Kain: Defiance released in 2003. We did nearly get a multiplayer game simply called “Nosgoth”. However, that project was cancelled in 2015 before it was ever released.

Fans have been calling for a return to the Legacy of Kain series for years. In 2021, there was some hope that the series would return after the then publisher Square Enix pulled Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver from the Steam store for “important updates”. Sadly, nothing ever came to be in that respect.

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Credit: Silicon Knights/Crystal Dynamics

Thankfully, there is some renewed hope that the series might return after developer Crystal Dynamics sent out a survey to fans asking some interesting questions about the series.

I received the email featuring the survey and there were some basic questions such as asking readers if they’ve played the Legacy of Kain series and questions on the series setting of Nosgoth as well as its story.

Crystal Dynamics putting out the Legacy of Kain feelers

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However, halfway through the survey, the questions took an interesting turn. It began by asking readers what they believed made a good vampire game. Was it the story, gameplay, moral ambiguity and so forth?

Then the question was asked, “What would be your reaction to the announcement of a new Legacy of Kain game?” Furthermore, a follow-up question asked if the series would be remastered or remade, which game would you like to see receive such treatment?

The questions moved on to the possibility of a sequel, and: “If the next Legacy of Kain game is a sequel to the original series, would you like the next game to include a story recap?

On the top of a new game, readers were asked if they would prefer a single player, a multiplayer co-op or a multiplayer PvP entry. Additionally, the question was asked which genres fans liked or disliked in relation to a possible return for the series.

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Credit: Embracer Group

While this is by no means confirmation that the Legacy of Kain series is returning, it’s quite possibly the best indication that its return is at the very least under consideration.

Earlier this year, Square Enix sold its major western developers and IPs to Embracer Group in a deal said to be worth $300 million. The IPs in the acquisition included the likes of Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief and more.

Would you like to see Legacy of Kain return?

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Credit: Crystal Dynamics

In relation to this story, the acquisition also included the developer of Legacy of Kain and Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics. It’s certainly going to be an exciting time for fans of Crystal Dynamics in the next few years.

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Featured Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics/Source: Crystal Dynamics survey