Dark Souls Meets Tony Hawk’s Underground In This Sick Mod

If you’ve ever wanted to pull off a sick 180 kickflip off of Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls, this Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 mod might just help out.

There are many things you can say about Dark Souls, but the biggest problem for sure is the fact that there’s no skateboarding in the game. And Tony Hawk’s Underground 2’s biggest problem is that there just isn’t enough dread and misery. So what if you took the dread and misery of Dark Souls, and threw in the skateboarding of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2? You’d get this cool as hell mod. 

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Sick grind, bro

As shared by games critic Leon Massey (thanks, PC Gamer), the mods in question are a Firelink Shrine map and a Solaire model. The mods are specifically for THUGPro, a fan-made project that allows for online play, high customisation, and a platform for a range of mods and levels. It’s a bit difficult to play though, as Underground 2 isn’t technically officially available anywhere.

Still, that didn’t stop Massey showing off the mod in action. There’s a single review for the Firelink Shrine mod, calling it a “cool port” but saying it’s “not the smoothest skate.” Who needs smooth, though, when you’ve got all that atmosphere? And when you through in Dark Souls best boy Solaire, well that’s just a guaranteed good time.

It really just seems like Dark Souls and mods are a match made in heaven. Last year, an incredibly good mod added Halo weapons into Dark Souls. And a separate mod from the same creator essentially lets you play  Among Us in Dark Souls.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/ Neversoft