Dead Cells To Get ‘At Least Another Year’ Of Free Updates

Some good news for the Dead Cells fans out there, because Motion Twin has “at least another year,” of free updates planned for the game.

The metroidvania, roguelike indie gem has been on a non-stop roll since the game launched. And it doesn’t seem like the game will be slowing down any time soon either. The upcoming DLC, The Queen & The Sea, just received a teaser trailer, and along with it a Steam post detailing plans for the future of the game.

The DLC will include two new biomes, one apparently different from the usual affair. And there’s a new ending if you manage to beat the boss of the DLC too. One of the new weapons you can find is a literal shark too, and if that doesn’t sell you on it alone, who knows what will. 

YouTube video

The DLC will apparently be part of funding both Motion Twin’s next project, as well as the future of Dead Cells. “Free updates will continue until the end of time, well for another year at the very least,” states the post. It sounds like they might have plans for beyond next year if they can manage it. But it’s great that they’re committed to working on Dead Cells for at least another year.

More recently, the game has had various indie guest characters joining the game as playable characters. This includes Hyper Light Drifter’s very own Drift and Guacamelee’s Juan. 

The Queen & The Sea is available to wishlist on Steam now, and will cost $4.99 (£3.74).

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Featured Image Credit: Motion Twin