Deathloop Slabs Guide – Here’s How To Collect Every Power

The Slabs in Deathloop are centric to it’s gameplay loop, and easily offer up some of the game’s best fun. Riffing on the supernatural abilities found in Arkane’s previous Dishonored games, they open up a host of creative opportunities for players.

However, players will find themselves starting the game with absolutely none of these crazy abilities. It’s instilled into the narrative that Colt must acquire Slabs from six of the eight Visionaries scattered around Blackreef Isle. Lead menu’s do a good job of leading you to these abilities, but how to acquire them is not always clear cut.

Here’s a list of all the Slabs you can find in Deathloop and how to obtain them. If you’re wondering which of the three you should go for first, give our separate guide a read.

Warning, minor spoilers for Deathloop ahead.

Credit: Arkane Studios

Shift – Charlie

Shift is a power that should be particularly familiar with fans of the Dishonored games. It operates almost exactly like Blink, teleporting the player across short distances. Even the graphic UI elements look akin to what we’re familiar from Arkane’s legacy games. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most fun and useful abilities in the game. Shift opens up plenty of new routes through each level, which is why you should aim to obtain it early on.

Shift is held by Charlie, who can be found in Updaam at noon. To find him, simply stick to the left of the area once you exit the tunnels. You’ll eventually come across a tower structure on a rocky outcropping. Make your way through the tower’s uniquely decorated rooms to eventually find Charlie and the coveted Shift Slab.

Credit: Arkane Studios

Havoc – FIA

One of the Slabs that you’ll find most useful once kitted up is the Havoc Slab. This ability incites pure chaos, sending Colt into a fit of unbridled rage when used. When activated, Colt gains a huge buff to his damage output, letting him tear through enemies with ease. In addition, any incoming damage is applied to Colt’s power meter, turning it into a pseudo overshield.

Havoc is held by Fia, who resides in Fristad Rock at Noon. While it’s possible to look for Fia early on, I recommend going after Charlie first. This will give you a more natural lead to discovering her whereabouts and how to take her down. Once you’ve done so, the Havoc Slab will be yours. Obtain the Slab several more times over to upgrade it and make the power even more powerful. If you do decide to go after Fia beforehand though, be sure to be extra sneaky.

Credit: Arkane Studios


There’s plenty of stealthing to be had in Deathloop, and using the Aether Slab makes that job even easier. This handy ability turns Colt pretty much invisible, making it much harder for enemies to detect him. It doesn’t mean you can wander anywhere without a care, but Aether certainly gives you some leeway with those tricky Stealth maneuvers.

It’s relatively easy to obtain this one, too. Aether is held by Egor, who can be found in The Complex during the evening. Track the lead that points towards Egor and you’ll be directed to an open field. There, you’ll see the man himself wandering without a care while tending some experiments. Approach him from the right angle, and you’ll be able to take him out with no bother. From there, happy stealthing!

Credit: Arkane Studios

Nexus – Harriet

Another Slab that can be useful while trying to remain hidden is Nexus. This neat ability chains together the fates of enemies in a close proximity. Link together three or four Eternalists and if one dies, they all do. Especially when upgraded, this can be one of the most powerful and creative abilities on the roster.

This is another one that’s relatively easy to obtain. Head to Karl’s Bay during the morning and progress through to the series of warehouses on the dock. Once inside, you’ll find Harriet performing some kind of ritual that involves sacrificing an Eternalist. She’s standing on a viewing platform made out of an old fighter plane. You’ll need to carefully make your way behind her and strike while she isn’t expecting it. You can do this by heading under a half-open gate on the ground floor of the warehouse and making your way up from there. Do so, and the Nexus Slab is yours for the taking.

Credit: Arkane Studios


I said that Nexus is perhaps the most creative ability, but Karnesis is by far the most fun. This one is a riff on Telekinesis and lets the player pickup and throw enemies as if they weigh nothing. Although the mighty kick ability is a satisfying way to yeet someone off a cliff, Karnesis offers a healthy alternative.

To find this one, you’ll need to take out Aleksis. He spends the evening partying away in his manor situated above Updaam in the evening. Upon arrival, you’ll quickly realise that identifying him is not as easy as it seems. Everyone at the party is masked, so you’ll need to figure out how to isolate him from the other party goers. Once you’ve got that sussed, Karnesis is ripe for the picking. Be warned though, because Aleksis is quite possibly one of the toughest Visionaries to go after in this game!

Credit: Arkane Studios


Those are the official holders of the five Slabs, but there are alternative, less reliable ways to obtain them too. Julianna, one of the eight Visionaries, can invade your game at any time. Instigating a tense game of cat and mouse, you’ll need to take her out before you can leave the area. If you can manage it, Julianna will drop one of the five Slabs at random, granting you the ability without needing to hunt down their rightful owners.

There’s no way to guarantee which Slab Julianna drops, however. It’s purely based on chance. If you’re looking to obtain a particular ability early on, then you’ll need to put in the legwork and hunt them down properly. Not that it’s a chore! Doing so will provide you with leads that further the narrative anyway, so it’s worth doing.

Once you’ve got one of each ability and infused them, it’s worth retracing your steps to obtain them over and over again. This will help you unlock upgrades for the Slabs, opening up even more opportunities for you to get creative. Each Slab has four total upgrades available, but only two are able to be applied at once. So it really allows you to

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