Development On Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Has Officially Begun

Thanks to a series of tweets (and new concrete details from Kojima Productions), it seems that Hideo Kojima’s next game is likely to be revealed soon, as it’s been confirmed that development is already underway.

loading screen from kojima productions
Credit: Kojima Productions

Ever since that messy divorce with Konami following the cancelation of Silent Hills (and yes, I’m still bitter about that), Hideo Kojima has been working free of restrictions and shackles, and as a result he produced another masterclass with Death Stranding for PS4 in 2019, which later released for PC this year.

Image composite of different Kojima games
Credit: Kojima Productions/Konami

Since then however, many of us have been wondering what’s next for the famed developer?  Will we get a follow-up of sorts for Death Stranding, perhaps a prequel? Or will we get the much speculated horror game? (Though I think it’s still unlikely that he’ll collaborate with Konami again, unless Konami licensed out Silent Hill to his studio Kojima Productions to work with? At this point I need to stop myself, because having hopes for a Silent Hill revival under Hideo Kojima will likely just end in disappointment).

However, Ludvig Forssell, the composer and audio director at Kojima Productions recently renewed hope for a new Kojima game after tweeting an image, writing: “First ‘COVID recording’ this year (for undisclosed project). Super happy with the results!” 

The image shows off what looks like a music rehearsal – and Hideo Kojima can be spotted in the background, suggesting this is music for his next game. This of course got fans instantly speculating as to what this “undisclosed project” might be.

Just as the speculative wheels began turning, the official Kojima Productions Twitter account officially confirmed that a new project is in development, and that they are advertising for various positions at the studio in Tokyo, Japan – assumedly for Hideo Kojima’s next game.

The tweet reads: “Kojima Productions confirms a new project is in development and is looking to hire the best-in-class talent to work out of our Tokyo Studio.”  The various positions advertised at Kojima Productions include a Programmer, an Artist, a Gamer Designer and Sound Designer, Writer, Project Manager and more.

Knowing how long Hideo Kojima takes to develop his games (and rightly so), it’s likely that this unannounced game is at least two or three years away, though we do know Kojima likes to reveal his new games years before release.

All in all, a game announcement in the near future wouldn’t surprise me! Unless he’s already working on a game and something else might release sooner?  No, no, I need to stop myself before I get carried away!  But be sure to share your very own speculation across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions/Konami