Does This Recent PlayStation Ad Contain A Resident Evil Easter Egg?

Does a recent PlayStation ad from last week’s Showcase event contain a Resident Evil 4 easter egg? Some fans certainly think so.

As reported by VGC (via Reddit), some fans noticed what looks to be the Las Plagas symbol from Resident Evil 4.

The symbol was spotted just after 1:30 mins into the video when an armed group walks through a door. The symbol can be seen on the right-hand side of the doorway. At first, it’s very easy to miss, I for one had missed it.

YouTube video

Yet, once you spot it, it really stands out and looks out of place. Sure, it’s not uncommon for Sony to feature easter eggs in its live-action ads. After all, this is something the company has done for years.

However, those easter eggs are often reserved for franchises symbolic of the PlayStation brand. Which makes this potential Resident Evil 4 symbol a little more strange. Mainly due to the fact that Resident Evil 4 has been released on just about every platform imaginable and is not one typically associated with PlayStation.

resident evil 4 las plagas
Credit: Sony/Capcom/Reddit

Of course, this symbol could mean absolutely nothing and might exist to get social media talking about the trailer. If that is the case, it’s worked. That said, while it has not been officially confirmed, thanks to a Capcom data breach, we pretty much know that a Resident Evil 4 remake is on the cards.

What could it mean?

To add, if or when the Resident Evil 4 remake does arrive, I doubt it will be a PlayStation exclusive. Though I suppose it is possible that it might be a timed exclusive, albeit the game or certain pieces of content.

As a Resident Evil fan, I’d love for this symbol to be a genuine easter egg hinting at a possible remake announcement. However, we can only speculate at this time.

YouTube video

Do you think that the apparent Las Plagas symbol is a tease for a Resident Evil 4 remake? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Capcom/Reddit