Easter Egg in Battlefield 1 Lead Player to Find Reveal date of Battlefield 5

Battlefield lovers won’t have to wait much longer to find out all about Battlefield 5. An easter egg which was hidden behind a locked door in Battlefield 1 lead players to a secret EA website. There was also a mystery surrounding Battlefield 1’s Fort de Vaux map which some players managed to work out was in fact morse code. When they deciphered the hidden message it read – “On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same”.

This comes much before E3 as well so they could have something huge planned for it and don’t want to take the limelight away from it with a Battlefield 5 announcement.

DICE have done this sort of ‘in game leak’ before hinting to future releases but this is probably one of the best ones that they have done.

This theory has also been backed by someone who found this official EA website (pictured below)

set your calendars for May 23rd when the big announcement from EA will come to see what it is exactly that they have in store for us.

A Twitter user tweeted out the link to the site and also did some digging in the HTML file of the website and found a picture of a horse. This could indicate that it is a follow on of sorts to Battlefield 1 rather than a modern day Battlefield.

The guy who found the image of the horse also went on to say this.

“There’s much more hidden simply set as “display: none”. I was able to “unlock” the whole structure of the website. Unfortunately just a bunch of symbols and this picture were there.”

Big news for Battlefield fans and we will of course keep you up to date with the latest on this.

What do you want to see in the new Battlefield 5 game?