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Elden Ring Is Now 6th Biggest Game On Steam Ever

Elden Ring is proving to be a big hit, as it is now the sixth biggest game ever on Steam according to its peak player count.

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Right out the gate we knew that Elden Ring was a popular game. Just after the game launched, Elden Ring hit a concurrent player count of roughly 764,000 on Steam. That’s obviously a huge number, and was six times the amount of players compared to Dark Souls 3.

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Well, a week on the game has broken its own record. Over the weekend, Elden Ring hit a massive total of 953,426 players, according to SteamDB (thanks, Eurogamer). In terms of overall rankings, that places Elden Ring as the sixth biggest game ever on Steam.

A majority of the games that sit above it are online multiplayer games, the only that isn’t being Cyberpunk 2077. Other than that, the titles include, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Lost Ark.

The number one spot goes to PUBG with an all-time peak of 3.2 million, a number it hit four years ago. Elden Ring also managed to beat games like Fallout 4, Among Us, and Apex Legends. 


how well is elden ring doing?

And it’s not just that Elden Ring has a lot of players. The game is the fastest-selling Soulsborne game yet in the UK for one. And Elden Ring is sitting as one of the highest rated games of all time.

In GameByte’s own review we said “If Dark Souls was the earthquake, Elden Ring is the aftershock. In a sense, it’s more of a love letter to the Soulsborne fanbase, incorporating dramatic fragments of each past game into a single product that is rewarding and fulfilling. While not perfect, I believe that FromSoftware has followed through on the hype surrounding this game and been able to create something truly mesmerising.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware