Elden Ring Player Discovers Secret Ability With One Of The Summons

It turns out that the Elden Ring summon Latenna the Albinauric has a secret ability that you probably won’t run into.

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There probably isn’t a week that goes by where some kind of secret is discovered in FromSoftware’s latest title. Whether it’s cut content like a secret ending, or an entire questline about dreams. Or the fact that there are invisible paths on top of invisible walls. Now, it’s been discovered that the Elden Ring spirit ashes summon Latenna the Albinauric has an ability where she can ride a direwolf.

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Latenna is typically a long ranged character, not really moving from the position she’s summoned in. It’s useful when you want to have a summon consistently throughout a fight, and manage to get her somewhere she won’t get hit.

But if you summon her around one of the game’s large direwolves, she will actually mount the beast and ride and fight with it. Not only does this make her more mobile, but she gets a new freezing mist attack. Though you do lose the element of strategy by positioning her far away.

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YouTube video

Of course players that have met Latenna will easily understand why she can do this. When you meet her, she is sitting down, mourning the loss of her wolf Lobo. You can eventually get her as a summon as part of a specific questline.

Why such a subtle thing happens mechanically though, but it’s another classic case of FromSoftware doing something cool that a minority of players will experience. And implies there’s still probably more secrets to discover.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/ Rifle Gaming