Emilia Clarke addresses her involvement in the Game of Thrones Jon Snow series

Emilia Clarke has addressed her involvement with the upcoming Game of Thrones sequel series starring Kit Harington.

Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen aka the “Mother of Dragons” in the HBO series, spoke about it in an interview. Earlier this month it was reported that a new Game of Thrones series is in production. Furthermore, it will star Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington.

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Following these reports, many fans hoped that we would also see Daenerys reunited with Snow.

Speaking during an interview with the BBC, Clarke suggested that she is done with Game of Thrones. “No,” said Clarke. “I think I’m done.” That being said, it’s interesting that she would choose the words “I think”. Make of that as you will.

Game of Thrones Sequel About Jon Snow Is Reportedly In Development

Considering this will be a sequel series, it makes sense as to why Clarke won’t appear in the show. Though I suppose there could be flashback sequences.

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Will Clarke return?

Clarke went on to say that she will be watching future Game of Thrones series as a fan. “I’m going to watch this as a fresh viewer because it’s [set] a bajillion years before our show, so it’s going to feel different,” adding “It’s going to be weird as hell.

However, I assume with Clarke saying “it’s [set] a bajillion years before our show,”, she is referring to House of Dragon which launches this August, and not the reported Jon Snow sequel series.

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Do you think we’ll see Emilia Clarke return as  Daenerys Targaryen in some form in the Jon Snow Game of Thrones sequel? Let us know across our social media channels.

The upcoming prequel series, House of Dragon arrives on HBO Max and other platforms across the world from August 21st.

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