A very bald mod.

Final Fantasy Mod Makes Every Character Bald To Improve PC Performance

A new mod for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin lets you make the characters bald to help performance on PC.

If you’ve played the PC port of Stranger of Paradise, you’re probably aware it does not run great. Players of the game have found that just things like a fur coat are causing serious frame rate issues for the game. So now, a player has made a mod for Stranger of Paradise that can turn off things like hair to help boost performance for the game.

It was Twitter user AkiraJkr that found how poorly optimised the models were for Stranger. And while they go by the username MorrisonGamer on Reddit, they were the one who made this mod. Essentially, AkiraJkr made shader toggles using Special K, a game modifying framework. These toggles let you disable things like hair, intense particles from soul bursting, or that fur coat that brings the game down to 25 frames per second even on a RTX 3090.


how do they look?

Credit: Square Enix/ AkiraJkr

You can see what the characters look like above, and how it uses a similar tool to one you can use for Final Fantasy XV. Arguably, the characters do not exactly look great without their hair. Neon for one takes a big hit, with Jack the one it most suits. But if it’s in the name of having a stable framerate, it’s worth it.

In GameByte’s review of Stranger of Paradise, we said, “When paired with the “so bad, it’s good” story and dialogue, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a good time for the partly the wrong reasons. Critically, it’s not great. You’ve still got a car crash of a game on your hands. But, it’s a car crash you can’t look away from. In the meantime, the combat and job system is a rollercoaster ride which takes you right past it, being a wild ride in its own right.”


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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix/ AkiraJkr