Flying Buses And Teleporting Players, PUBG Hacks Are Getting Out Of Hand

Recently, the PUBG cheating problem has been getting out of hand. Cheaters aren’t just using aimbot and wallhack to kill players, but they’re now flying through the sky, teleporting, and running wild.

Fortnite has it’s own hacking/cheating problems too.

Whilst you’re not going to come across a cheater every single game, with the state the game is in currently, you’re certainly going to come across them every now and then.

The PUBG Cheating Problem As A Whole

The worst thing about the PUBG cheating problem is that you will come across more cheaters the longer you play. PUBG uses a skill based matchmaking system – get more wins and kills and your skill rating goes up.

As a result, you’ll be put with players with higher skill ratings, and this is where the majority of the most competent cheaters reside.

PUBG Corp. does claim that they’re working hard to combat the cheating problem, but it often feels like they’re losing the battle. In recent months, the evidence for new cheats keeps piling up.

It all started with your basic wallhack and aimbot – these cheats are bad enough, giving players visual oversight of all players in the area and the ability to lock onto players heads. But now, cheaters have hacks that allow them to fly, teleport, run super fast and even shoot players through walls.

The worst thing is that even if these cheaters get banned, they’re so invested in the game that they’ll just buy another copy. Even if cheaters don’t buy multiple copies of the game, the hacks they are using are allowing them to play for a while before the anti cheat team can catch up to them.

If you’re interested in how far the cheating problem has come, here’s a look at some of the most ridiculous PUBG cheats some people seem to have hold of.

PUBG Superman Hack

If you ever see someone flying through the air in the starting area, you should quit the game immediately. These cheaters use a superman hack that allows them to fly through the air and immediately kill people with their fists without even coming close to them.

I’m not sure how cheaters find this fun, but they are essentially just joining a server and clicking a button to wipe off the entire server.

Flying Vehicles

Another strange cheat that’s doing the rounds is a flying vehicle hack. With this, cheaters are able to control vehicles and take them into the sky.

The rules of physics suddenly stop applying to these players, and they are able to fly through the air, drive through buildings, and drive around running down players. If you see a flying vehicle in the sky, you pretty much have no way to avoid it – the cheater using this cheat can see your position and can drive through everything in the map to run you over.

What’s really frustrating about these kinds of cheats is that we’re not sure how the PUBG game engine even lets them happen.

Any player that flies through their air, whether in a vehicle or on foot, should immediately raise flags. However, there seems to be no system in place in the PUBG game code to immediately kick any players that are quite clearly breaking the game physics in PUBG.

It begs the question, what are PUBG Corp. actually doing about the cheating problem?

What PUBG Corp. Is Doing About Cheaters

The saddest thing about the whole cheating situation in PUBG is that PUBG Corp. is putting in a lot of time and resources to stop cheaters, it just doesn’t seem to be working that well.

Below, I’ve listed some of the things that PUBG Corp. is doing to combat cheaters.

Battleye Anti-Cheat

At the first level of defense, PUBG Corp. has teamed up with Battleye anti-cheat to pick up hackers and ban them automatically. Battleye does a good job to ban players that use detected cheats, but it seems that the Battleye team are struggling to keep up with the most sophisticated hacks.

Even so, Battleye has banned millions of PUBG cheaters already, so this protection is obviously providing some benefit for PUBG.

PUBG Anti-Cheat Team

PUBG Corp. has actually hired an entire team that is dedicated to watching replies, scouring through reports, and banning players manually. This team also keeps up to date on which hacks are being introduced to PUBG and working to create solutions to stop them.

There aren’t any numbers on how many players the PUBG anti-cheat team has banned, but rumors are that they carefully watch reported players and ban them on the spot if they catch them to be cheating.

More PUBG Anti-Cheat Methods

PUBG Corp. is also working on more in-house anti-cheat methods that can detect and ban cheaters automatically. These methods should do a better job of stopping players from doing things that should be impossible, such as flying through the sky.

Unfortunately, the in-house PUBG anti-cheat has been disabled for now – it caused some big performance issues, and the PUBG Corp. development team have taken it out of the game to work on performance fixes before bringing it back to the game.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably learned by now that whilst PUBG Corp. is putting in a lot of resources to solve the cheating problem, some big cheater are still one step ahead of them.

What’s great though, is that PUBG Corp’s work on fighting cheaters has stopped a large portion of the cheating community.

Finding undetected hacks online is actually very difficult, especially if you’re in an English speaking country.

Undetected hacks seem to be kept close to the cheat developer’s chests because they are also worried that widespread use of their hacks could mean that the PUBG Corp. anti-cheat team could work on methods to combat the hacks.

For now, it seems the cheating war in PUBG will continue, and it may do so for a very long time.


What are your thoughts on cheaters in PUBG? Have you encountered any cheaters, or are you yet to see any?