Fortnite Addict Gets Massive Tattoo Of His Favourite Skin

This Teenage Fortnite addict has gone one step beyond to show his love for the hit new game. He got himself a massive Fortnite tattoo of his favourite skin in the game.

Jordan loves to play Fortnite and even skipped class to complete Season 4’s first set of challenges. His Mum also said that he likes to play all through the night as well as when he is skipping school to play it.

The astronaut skin which was released as part of season 3’s Battle Pass and Jordan has been wearing it pretty much religiously since he unlocked it.

The tattoo itself is nearly 30cm in length and is very noticeable on the side of his calf. It features his favourite character with the storm in the background.

Fortnite may be one of the most popular games going at the moment but there are very few people who have gone as far as to get it tattooed on their body.

With the addition of Thanos in the limited time game mode that they have brought out recently we may even see a Thanos X Fortnite tattoo. Now that will be a sight for sore eyes.

What you see in the pictures is only 4 hours of work been done with another hour still to be done on the piece.

Jordans friends seem to be in favour of it too. When he was asked how his friends responded to it he said this.

“My mates like it,”

“They say it looks better than they thought it would,”

Believe it or not the tattoo only cost Jordan £50. This is because the artist who is doing the tattoo is also in love with the game. Not quite as in love with it as Jordan though it may seem.

“He still has another hours worth of tattoo to go back for as Andy (Artist) is really enjoying doing it and always adding more detail”.

This isn’t the worst gaming tattoo we have seen…

Surprisingly his mother seems perfectly alright with her teenage son’s decision to get a Fortnite tattoo.