Ghost Of Tsushima Voice Actor Tries To Master The Katana Himself

Daisuke Tsuji, the voice actor behind protagonist Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima, has tried to learn how to use a Katana in a new video.

As spotted by GamesRadar, Tsuji has teamed up with Toru Uchikado, another Japanese actor to try and master the art of the Katana blade.

Players of Ghosts of Tsushima will know that Tsuji’s character, Jin Sakai, is extremely well versed in using a Katana sword. The game features several different stances that allow Sakai to take down a variety of enemy types. Each stance invokes a different attack pattern, which is excellent for a varied combat experience. You can watch the full video of Tsuji’s sword training below.

YouTube video

How does He Compare To Jin Sakai?

Despite having very little experience, Tsuji seems to find his stride very quickly. He’s able to recreate several of the stances and moves from the game, sharing a strikingly similar resemblance to his gaming avatar. Tsuji is able to recreate the iconic shield break move as well as the flurry attack that deals lots of quick damage in the game.

Not everything is as easy as it seems, though. The moves in which Tsuji is required to incorporate complex footwork and flips prove much trickier than more simple swordplay. Nevertheless, Tsuji manages to accomplish most of the moves with style, truly earning his mantle as the Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima recently saw a brand new release on PS4 and PS5 with the Directors Cut edition. The multiplayer Legends mode has also recently released as a standalone download.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/ Sucker Punch Productions