God Of War On PC Is Available to Buy Now For £39.99

God of War, one of the most renowned games of the last generation, is still making waves well after its originally exclusive release on PS4 in 2018. Four years, tons of Game of the Year awards, and over 19.5 million sold copies later, PC players can join the fun too. That’s right. You can now buy God of War (PC) for £39.99 at the GameByte Shop.

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God of War’s PC Upgrades

Developer, Sony Santa Monica, had a goal of taking the incredible gaming experience already on offer, and allowing it to be leveraged by the powerful hardware of the PC platform. The result: you’ll be presented a high-performance iteration of the game. One that’s even more breathtaking than the God of War you already know.

What upgrades come with God of War on PC? Well, along with its cinematic, no-cut camera epic, you can enjoy Kratos and Atreus’ adventure across the realms of Norse Mythology in true 4k resolution – utilising enhanced high fidelity graphics.

buy god of war pc kratos and atreus
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

What’s more, quality meets new levels of performance with unlocked framerates. Courtesy of the integrated NVIDIA DLSS, God of War on PC offers not only a boosted FPS, but beautifully generated, sharper images on select NVIDA GPUs. Then, there’s NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology – delivering the opportunities to react and harder and faster with your combos, thanks to the more responsive gameplay you’re looking for on GeForce CPUs.

In addition to a massive range of graphical presets and options for fine-tuning, God of War on PC presents support for the DualShock 4, DualSense, and many other gamepads. You’ll find fully customisable bindings for mouse and keyboard as well. So, you’ll be able to fine-tune every detail so you can play your way.

buy god of war pc the world serpent
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

For you widescreen PC gamers out there, God of War has you covered too. With implemented 21:9 ultra-widescreen support, what was already a jaw-dropping visual gem, is now taking on a new realm altogether. But this time, it’s one of cinematic quality.

If you’re unsure if your gaming PC set-up is “godly” enough it handle the game’s max settings, be sure to have a read of the recommended specs.

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Featured image credit: Santa Monica Studio