How Long Does It Take To Beat God Of War?

If you’re just jumping into God of War, you might be wondering to yourself: how long does it take to beat?

God of War is a behemoth of a single player game with absolutely loads to do, even after the credits roll. There’s scope for you to just complete the main story or test your skills with several combat challenges. Meanwhile, there are also a plethora of collectibles to find, new weapon runes to collect, and all sorts of armour to craft.

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How long does it take to beat God of War? – Main Story

If you’re just looking to blast through the main story of God of War, you’re looking at about 21 hours of gameplay. That’s if you take the story at a natural pace, maybe completing a few side objectives along the way. If you really want to smash through the main story as quickly as possible, it’s possible to complete the story in just over 15 hours.

It’s definitely worth taking God of War at a leisurely pace, though. The game isn’t particularly hard, but it’s worth doing a little exploring to upgrade your equipment. You’re thrown back into the open world once the main story completes too, That means there’s always an opportunity to complete side quests, even after finishing the game. Did you also know there’s a secret ending?

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How long does it take to beat God of War? – Side Quests

Once you’ve completed the main story of God of War, the game can be as long or as short as you like. There are a whole host of side quests to complete, all of which flesh out the world of God of War. If you’re up for a challenge, why not hunt down the eight Valkyries hidden around Midgard? They pose a significant challenge, but are worth killing for the upgrades they grant.

In addition, two of the realms are completely optional from the main story. Muspelheim lets players take part in a series of combat challenges for significant rewards. Niflheim is a roguelike area that is also intended to challenge the player. If you want to fully experience these areas, you’re looking at around 32 hours of gameplay including the main story.

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Credit: Santa Monica Studio

How long does it take to beat God of War? – Completionist

Once you’ve completed all of the side content available in God of War, your journey doesn’t end there. A plethora of collectible items are scattered around each of the realms. You’ll likely come across some of them on your travels in the main story. However, if you want to go for a full achievement run, you’ll want to hunt them all down. This is likely to take you around 50 hours if you’re taking things at a fairly brisk pace.

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