God Of War Potato Mode On PC Is A Sight To Behold

The God of War Potato Mode mod on PC is a sight to behold. It somehow combines basic visuals, yet still looks quite stunning.

God of War has only been out for a short time on PC, but already modders are doing weird and wonderful things. So, what is Potato Mode exactly?

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Unfortunately, the mod features no actual potatoes. At least, I don’t think so. Though I would be interested to see the blades on the Blades of Chaos replaced with Jacket Potatoes. Sure, they won’t rip enemies to shreds. But surely, a bump on the nose with an overcooked Jacket Potato will at least make your eyes water.

Anyway, I’m going way off track here. Essentially the Potato Mode mod brings down the PC settings of God of War to its absolute lowest. Now, you’d think that this would make the game look quite awful. However, contrary to that assumption, in a weird kind of way, it still looks kinda sweet (potato).

Potatoes have never looked so good!

When God of War was released for the PS4 in 2018, it not only became one of the consoles best games, but also one of the best looking too. Furthermore, it looks and plays even more incredible at 4K with 60FPS played on a PS5.

However, God of War was taken to the next level when it launched earlier this month for PC. Finally, PC players can see what all the fuss is about. That being said, PC players now get the added benefit of some fantastic mods, including Potato Mode as well as a mod that gives Kratos a fine moustache.

god of war mod
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

In our review of God of War, we said: “God of War is a narrative gem. What it lacks in pacing and agency, it more than triumphs in writing, acting, and directing. What it results in is a deeply emotive story about a familial relationships and the ties that bind us.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Santa Monica Studio