God of War Ragnarok reviewer receives death threats for 6/10 review

A God of War Ragnarok reviewer that dared to give his opinion receives death threats for scoring the game 6/10.

God of War Ragnarok releases tomorrow for PS5 as well as PS4. Once the review embargo was lifted last week, the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2018 release was met with widespread critical acclaim.

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However, no matter how good a game is reviewed overall and how you feel about it, not everyone is going to have the same opinion. Furthermore, just imagine how boring and robotic life would be if we all thought the same like a creepy sci-fi hive mind.

One such person is Sang Hyun, who was a guest critic for IGN Korea. Scoring God of War Ragnarok, a 6/10, Hyun explained in his review that it’s: “a game that will lean on its predecessor and stops right in front of the door of misery.

Is this game boring?

Hyun even went on to explain that Ragnarok is “boring” and compared it to DLC to God of War (2018) rather than its own standalone game. Having played Ragnarok myself, do I agree with Hyun’s review? No. However, he has a right to his own opinion and no one should receive death threats as a result.

In a Twitter thread defending his opinion, Hyun addresses the wave of hate received. “Just because I write a review with a different perspective, doesn’t change your gaming experience,” he wrote. “We were not born to be forced to think the same way.

Later in the thread, Hyun shared just one example of the threats received for having a different opinion on the highly anticipated game.

Look, I get it, some can get angry if someone else doesn’t agree with them. Especially if it’s something that they’ve been looking forward to. However, having a difference of opinion makes us who we are.

If Hyun didn’t enjoy God of War Ragnarok, that doesn’t mean that others won’t. In fact, judging by its early reception, it seems very likely that this game will be enjoyed by the masses.

Regardless, if someone enjoys or dislikes a game on the opposite scale to you, it makes no difference. We’ll form our own opinions either way. No one should be threatened for disliking a video game.

We reviewed God of War Ragnarok

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That being said, in our review of God of War Ragnarok, we said it’s: “everything you loved about the previous title, but amplified. The longer story and expanded worlds give way for characters to develop in meaningful ways, making the whole game feel very much like a sequel worthy of its predecessor.

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