This Grand Theft Auto 3 remake is what we should have had all along

A talented indie developer has created the Grand Theft Auto 3 remake we should have had all along. If only Rockstar gave us this game.

When Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was released in November 2021, it wasn’t great, to say the least. This collection featured remasters of Rockstar Games’ finest from the iconic GTA series.

gta 3 remake
Credit: TeaserPlay

The remasters deserved better

It should have been a nostalgic celebration. Unfortunately, its launch was tarred with bugs, graphical downgrades, performance issues and more. Today, Rockstar Games has seemingly fixed the remastered trilogy, however for many, the damage is done.

That being said, while this GTA trilogy featured remasters of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City as well as GTA: San Andreas, I think some hoped that we’d be treated to full remakes. That wasn’t the case and as far as I’m aware, it was never meant to be.

gta 3 fan remake
Credit: TeaserPlay

Is this what could have been?

However, that does not excuse the poor state that this GTA Remastered Trilogy launched in. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever get a proper remake of this classic trilogy, thankfully, a fan has taken matters into their own hands and it’s pure wizardry.

The developer that has worked such magic is YouTuber TeaserPlay, a name that you may already recognise. TeaserPlay is responsible for an amazing remake of Assassin’s Creed set in ancient Japan. In fact, TeaserPlay’s YouTube channel is packed full of amazing remakes, so you should check it out via the link below.

Furthermore, as with all recent remakes created by TeaserPlay, the GTA 3 recreation is powered by Unreal Engine 5, and it looks incredible. We see its protagonist (or antagonist) Claude exploring Liberty City glazed beneath a beautiful sunset with GTA 3s instantly recognisable soothing soundtrack.

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We can only dream of playing this GTA 3

Unfortunately, we’ll never get to play this amazing GTA 3, as it’s just a concept and an idea of what could have been. This is no doubt the remake we always wanted, but sadly will probably never get.

Are you impressed with the Grand Theft Auto 3 remake, and what would you like to see TeaserPlay recreate next? Let us know across our social media channels.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto games, you can still buy GTA V from £18.95.

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Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay/Source: Techradar