GTA 6 ‘Leak’ Reveals Map And Story Details For Rockstar’s Next Game

Leaks are hit and miss when it comes to whether or not there’s any truth behind them. Games companies work incredibly hard to keep their upcoming titles under wraps, but this is 2019, and it’s really darn hard to keep a secret nowadays.

Hopefully there’s more ‘hit’ to this leak than ‘miss’, as it looks like we might have just learned the first details of Rockstar Games’ next addition to its insanely brilliant Grand Theft Auto series.

Credit: Rockstar Games

A leaker has claimed to have details, not only about GTA 6’s map, but also some details of the story [via Dexerto].

If there’s any truth to the leak then long-standing fans of the franchise are going to be SERIOUSLY impressed, because it looks like GTA 6 might be revisiting a very familiar city…

The file originates from Pastebin, and states: “GTA 6 is going to feature multiple big cities which players can travel across.

“In the title which will make you a kind of a drug lord. You will start as a small time guy in Liberty city doing odd chores and small time thefts and eventually work your way to Vice city where you will join a famous gang. You will be tasked to look after business in liberty city until you are brought back to Vice City and soon become the drug lord.

“Rockstar games has an idea about when they want to release the game but the corporates want to analyse the sales of PS5 and the Xbox 2. This game cant come for ps4 because of memory restrictions. We have 2 major cities along with a vast stretch of highways and blaine county like country sides in the middle of it all.there will also be some kind of timed era between the missions with flashbacks. Certain shops will sell diff types of items in diff eras. Rdr2 type stranger dialogues will be implemented.

“There are big plans in online and with major content like newer towns. They are working closely with microsoft n sony on cloud gaming which will help them enable Online to be a continuous process.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about GTA 6 via Pastebin.

Last month, all eyes turned to a post which claimed to be from a PlayStation 5 game developer, who made some seemingly outrageous claims about the console, including its specs and capabilities.

The file was taken with a huge helping of salt because it also mentioned that GTA 6 would be releasing in 2020, which seems to be nearly impossible considering the scale of these games…

But then Sony confirmed that the specs of the PS5, and the Pastebin file was completely spot-on.

Credit: Rockstar

Hopefully we’ll be hearing some official word on GTA 6 sooner rather than later.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games