GTA 6 Rumoured Actor Won’t Stop Teasing Fans Amidst Release Date News

Every gamer around the world is desperate for some news about GTA 6. Now it’s rumoured voice actor is joining in with the teasing. 

Grand Theft Auto 6 is perhaps one of the most anticipated gaming titles in recent history. With it being over a year since its existence was revealed, it has pretty much been radio silence in terms of updates from Rockstar.

However, after the company was a victim of a major cyber attack last year, a whole lot of information about the next instalment in the GTA franchise was leaked. Despite the footage quickly being taken down, fans had already gleaned as much as they could. 

GTA 6 Rumoured Actor Won’t Stop Teasing Fans

With rumours that GTA 6 could launch as early as 2024, excitement is rising and it’s being added to by one of the game’s rumoured actors.

During the cyber attack leak, it was discovered that the next game could have two playable characters – one male and one female. The male, Jason, has been connected to actor Bryan Zampella thanks to some detective work. 

Screenshot of an image posted to Instagram of Bryan Zampella who is rumoured to be playing Jason in GTA 6
Credit: the_z_man_cometh on Instagram

Despite this not being confirmed by Rockstar themselves, Zampella is seemingly accepting these rumours and running with them. The actor posted a photo of himself in Miami sporting an Hawaiian shirt just a few weeks ago. Although this doesn’t confirm anything, it could hint at the game’s Vice City links. 

Now he is back at it again by posting yet another seemingly innocent photo of him looking out across the ocean. Although this could once again be nothing, fans noticed he is wearing the same outfit Jason supposedly did in the leaks – a white vest top and backwards baseball cap.

What’s next for Grand Theft Auto

Without confirmation, everything relating to Grand Theft Auto 6 (except its existence) should be taken with a pinch of salt. With no news of a release date or proof that Zampella will even be part of the game, these are nothing more than rumours.

So for now, we will have to put up with the teasing.

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