GTA Online player claims to earn $400 million by grinding jobs

A GTA Online player claims to have earned a whopping $400,000,000 by grinding jobs in Rockstar’s ever-popular multiplayer game.

Reddit user “Luigi_b0red”, a level 91 player in GTA Online shared a screenshot of their avatar quite literally throwing money away. Furthermore, the screenshot also revealed the eye-popping GTA$ bank balance. Like seriously, what are you going to do with all that money, even in the world of GTA?

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This GTA Online player has put in the hours!

However, Luigi_b0red didn’t share what kind of jobs they participated in to earn such an eyewatering amount of GTA$. All they said, was that money earned money by grinding jobs on a regular basis for countless hours. I wonder how much the Los Santos strip club pays?

It’s all about the GTA Online grind!

At the time of writing, the Reddit post has over 6,400 upvotes. So there seems to be a lot of GTA fans impressed with Luigi_b0red’s in-game worth ethic. Let’s just hope that Luigi_b0red will be able to transfer their character and all that dosh for when GTA 6 finally releases.

Casino in GTA Online
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Will GTA 6 set a new standard for video games?

In related GTA news, publisher Take-Two Interactive claims that Grand Theft Auto 6 will set the creative benchmark for all of entertainment! That’s certainly a bold claim, but if any video game can live up to the hype, it’s the Rockstar Games‘ GTA series.

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Credit: Rockstar Games

At this time, Grand Theft Auto 6 has an expected release window of 2024. So, who knows, perhaps Luigi_b0red might be a billionaire by the time the next iteration of GTA Online arrives.

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games/Source: Game Rant via Reddit