Guilty Gear re-confirms Bridget is a trans woman

After players tried to claim DLC character Bridget was still male, the Guilty Gear creator has re-confirmed that she is in fact a trans woman.

Arc System Works released a new post on the Guilty Gear website. The extra lengthy edition of Developer’s Backyard went into depth about the newest character in the game, Bridget. She’s a character from older Guilty Gear games who recently joined Guilty Gear Strive as a DLC character.

In previous games, Bridget was referred to as a boy who dresses like a girl. However, in Strive she has a moment of self-discovery and comes out as a trans woman.

Sadly, some people refused to accept this and argued that Bridget is still the same as before. This prompted series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari to make a statement in the new post.

Ishiwatari’s Statement

Ishiwatari said “We’ve received many inquiries about Bridget’s gender. After the events of Bridget’s story in Arcade mode, she self-identifies as a woman. So as to whether he or she would be the correct pronoun for Bridget, the answer would be “she”.

“Bridget was born as the younger twin son and raised as a girl by her parents to protect her from a village superstition. Despite their intentions to protect her, it pained her parents to do so as they felt they were forcing her to live a certain way. Bridget, realising this, attempted to bring wealth to the village while behaving like a man, overturning the superstition as a way to free her parents from their guilt.”

“After this, Bridget tries living as a man but it doesn’t feel right. This is where the Arcade Mode story begins. After her exchanges with Goldlewis and Ky, Bridget faces parts of herself she has tried to ignore and makes a big decision for herself.”

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