Halo Infinite Guide: Which AI Companion Should You Choose?

One of your customisation options in Halo Infinite is choosing an AI companion. Like Master Chief with Cortana, your AI buddy will be there to quip along with you. Though not quite as fleshed out as Cortana herself, your AI friend has a personality of their own. Here are each of the AI companions in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Halo infinite al companions


Credit: Xbox

The BUTLR AI is Alfred Pennyworth in a small hologram. He is cordial, mannerly and very proper. There’s no messing around with BUTLR, a job must be done and it must be done right. He is a pretty entertaining buddy to bring into battle.


Credit: Xbox

CIRC is the most upbeat of the bunch. She is bubbly and charismatic, apparently too much so for a simple AI. CIRC is all about positivity and will do her best to boost you up in battle.


Credit: Xbox

FRET is a worrier. He thinks everything is dangerous and cautions you to be careful around sharp, fast and explosive things. He is a great companion for those who enjoy the company of people more anxious than themselves. Someone to look at and say, “it’s okay buddy, I’ve got this.”


Halo Infinite AI
Credit: Xbox

LUMU is a bit scary. She has a strange and stilted way of speaking. She gives me GLADOS vibes, or more specifically she gives me Failsafe from Destiny 2 vibes. An AI who is trying to come across as friendly and positive, but the cracks are showing. Definitely be wary around this one. LUMU unlocks from the Heroes of Reach battle pass at level 36.


Halo Infinite AI
Credit: Xbox

The SUPERINTENDENT was meant as a custodial AI, for infrastructure and directing traffic. He speaks like an automated safety announcement, and honestly, that can be pretty funny on the battlefield. Also, he has a little hat, and that’s adorable. SUPERINTENDENT unlocks when you reach level 70 on the Heroes of Reach battle pass.

Those are all the AI friends currently available in Halo Infinite! If you would like more tips and info on the game, check out our other guides. We have covered weapons, equipment, vehicles and more!


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Featured Image Credit: Xbox