Halo Infinite Maps Guide: Tips For Every Map In Halo Infinite

Credit: Xbox

With an all-new Halo game comes all-new, all-different maps. Halo Infinite multiplayer is here and we have been getting to grips with the new locations the game takes you to. As expected of Halo there is a mix of tight arena maps and giant, sprawling spaces for big team battles. Here is our guide to all the maps currently in Halo Infinite, as well as some tips on how to succeed on each one!

halo infinte maps guide: Aquarius

Credit: Xbox

Aquarius is an arena map with small rooms and corridors surrounding a large open area with long sightlines. You can see straight across from one spawn zone to the other. That said, there are various levels of elevation on this map, and so many corners to run around. Long-range isn’t a fantastic option here. I would recommend your preferred mid-range weapon like a battle rifle or a commando if you are in the middle area. For the side areas and interconnecting pathways, close-range is your best friend. I would also recommend a disruptor for when the enemy team is bunched up and unable to separate, to get that chain lightning damage going.

halo infinte maps guide: Bazaar

Halo Infinite Maps Guide
Credit: Xbox

Bazaar is an arena map and certainly one geared toward competitive play. There are a lot of options here, and a lot of ways to circumvent your opponents. Be sure to learn the various lanes through the map, both above and below ground. There are plenty of places to post up with a sniper rifle or a battle rifle, likewise plenty of ways to get in close with a shotgun. Spend some time learning every route around this map and you will put yourself at a great advantage.

halo infinte maps guide: Behemoth

Credit: Xbox

The first large, open map of the bunch, Behemoth is a bit of an odd duck. It took me a while to get the swing of it. I didn’t think I liked it at first until it started to click. Behemoth isn’t a very wide map, it might even be best compared to Narrows from Halo 3, only this bridge has a wide-open desert surrounding it. There’s a lot of no man’s land in Behemoth, the trick is to keep moving efficiently. Only head out into the open desert areas when there is good reason, to grab a vehicle or one of the skewers that spawn either side. Also, if you’re grabbing a skewer, be ready to check the other side in case someone else had a similar idea. Failing to watch for that could mean you get skewered instead.

halo infinte maps guide: Deadlock

Credit: Xbox

Deadlock is a big team battle map. It’s a very open map, probably the most open in the game. There are lower corridors throughout the area, but from any of the upper areas you can see almost the entire map. This is the ideal map for snipers, there will always be enemies out in the open for you to pick off. Vehicles can have a tough time here, I have seen more than a few Warthogs fall into a ditch a get stuck.

halo infinte maps guide: Fragmentation

Credit: Xbox

Our next big team map is Fragmentation, familiar to anyone who played the previous Flight tests. Fragmentation is almost the opposite of Deadlock, it’s long and narrow. It’s quite an intricate map, made up of winding lanes that overlap. There is a lot of cover on this map too, so expect a lot of sudden and short-range engagements here. Ranged weapons can be used to cover some of the longer stretches of the map, but there are plenty of ways for opponents to circumvent you. Battle rifles, commandos and pulse carbines will serve you well here. Try to be aware of your surroundings, or you might end up attacked from angles you weren’t even aware of.

map guide: Highpower

Credit: Xbox

High Power is your classic two base big team battle map. Each base is on a hill that dips into a bit of a valley. There is a large wall near the middle of the map, closer to one base to give the map some asymmetry. Coming from the base with the giant wall, there are pathways in towards the cliff that you can use to approach the enemy base without getting seen. For the opposing team, there is a wider path out around the wall. Both flanks are viable for both teams, so there can be a lot of moving around on this map.

Periodically, Pelicans will drop in vehicles that aren’t natively on the map. This can range from more Warthogs to Ghosts, Choppers and even Wraiths or Scorpion tanks. Controlling these vehicles is crucial, making sure your team has the biggest ordinance in the match is a sure way to stay ahead.

map guide: Launch Site

Credit: Xbox

Launch Site centres around an incomplete circular section, with rooms and corridors inside and outside of the circle. That circle is a wide path, enough for a Ghost or even a Warthog. The Ghost will be your best friend here if you can grab one, it won’t do much about enemies in side rooms but anyone in the open is fair game for you.

This map is quite intricate, both visually and for play purposes. This is something to take advantage of. Try to manoeuvre yourself around the map without being spotted. Use the routes through the middle to do so, and pick your moment to flank the enemy team. It is very doable to get behind enemies, pick off as many as you can with a medium or long-range weapon, then disappear as quickly as you can.

map guide: Live Fire

Credit: Xbox

Live Fire is a big and mostly open Spartan training ground. Spartan is the right word for it, Live Fire has no frills or excess. You have an open area on each side of a central structure, with an indoor section at one end. The goal here is to meet the enemy team head-on in the centre structure or try to catch them on the side by moving out into the open. It’s a pretty straightforward map, a great place to do some practice with any weapon you like. Ideally, you would want to rock a battle rifle here. Also, be aware of the tunnel running underneath. It’s a great way to get through the centre quickly and an even greater way to get caught off guard. Always be wary of that tunnel area.

map guide: Recharge

Credit: Xbox

Recharge is a classic arena style map. It has so many doors, windows, lines of sight and elevations that really the number one thing you need to do is learn your way around. It’s intricate, but it is small, so it won’t take long to get to grips with the details. Learn your way around and learn where you can grab a battle rifle or a commando if those are your jam.

There are plenty of weapon racks around so try something different, I’ve found the mangler to be especially useful here. I usually grab one of those to back up a battle rifle. Also, especially in these early days, be aware of the power weapon spawn in the round blue room. It’s usually a gravity hammer, but I have seen an energy sword spawn there too. A lot of people seem to forget that it’s there, so it’s basically a free hammer. Go for it!

map guide: Streets

Credit: Xbox

Finally, we have Streets. This map is as tightly woven as an arena map can really be. It is nothing but tiny rooms, short corridors, and ramps leading between multiple levels of elevation. You are going to find yourself constantly in close proximity to your opponents here, so the best thing to do is keep moving. There are so many corners to duck around, windows to jump out of. The opportunities on this map to quickly dodge an attacking enemy before rotating and rapidly flanking them are innumerous.

Stick with close to medium range weapons here, even the base assault rifle is great for these fast-paced encounters. Playing on Streets sometimes feels more like Call of Duty than Halo, so treat it that way. Stay on your toes, be ready to fire.

That is our guide to the maps of Halo Infinite! If you found this guide helpful, we have lots more covering weapons, equipment, vehicles and so much more!


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