Halo Infinite players have already created Blood Gulch in Forge

Halo Infinite players have already recreated Blood Gulch, the iconic OG multiplayer map following the game’s huge update.

Finally, the Winter Update arrived this month for Halo Infinite. The huge update brought online co-op (sadly there is no sign of local), mission replay, new multiplayer maps and more. However, arguably the biggest addition of the update was the Forge Beta.

Forge finally arrives in Halo infinite

Forge was first introduced in Halo 3 back in 2007 for the Xbox 360. However, it’s come a long way since that time. While still in its beta phase, Forge is an advanced map builder tool that allows Halo players to build their dream multiplayer maps.

Forge in Halo Infinite not only lets you build your dream maps but also lets you tinker with lighting and audio, as well as AI scripting and more. Once your dream map is built, you can then share it with the Halo Infinite community.

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Credit: 343 Industries

We still love Blood Gulch!

It may be a very basic map, but one of the old-school Halo maps that bring with it floods of nostalgia, is Blood Gulch. This iconic map first appeared in the OG Halo in 2001 and while it was intended for the Capture the Flag mode, it’s also been the home of many Team Slayer battles over the years.

At this time, Blood Gulch isn’t officially in Halo Infinite. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped the community from quickly building it in Forge for us all to enjoy once more. As reported by Eurogamer, it took the community just a few hours to build the beloved map in the new Forge mode.

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Here’s how to find Blood Gulch in Halo Infinite

Though it is worth mentioning that for whatever reason the term“BloodGulch” is blocked. So, if you want to find this map, it can be found by searching “Coagulation”. You can also find the map via the Halo Waypoint content browser.

Oh, and the dedicated fan we need to thank for this wonderful creation is the Twitter user epsilon_church. So thanks for that.

In our review of Halo Infinite, we said: “the 16 hours I spent with the Halo Infinite campaign certainly had dull points. However, sheer thrill shines through at several points, proving that there’s still life in this 20-year-old franchise. It’s now up to 343 Industries to keep it that way.

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Halo Infinite is out now for PC, Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries/epsilon_church/Source: Eurogamer