Halo: Reach To Launch With Over 6 Million Playable Maps

Now that we know Halo: Reach is officially coming to PC and Xbox One in just a few days’ time, Microsoft has been slowly feeding us lots of info on what we can expect from the launch.

Over on the Microsoft blog, the company treated us all to some updates on Reach, confirming that the game will be available with over 6 million playable maps from day one. Clearly, Microsoft is going big with this one.

Credit: 343 Industries

The blog post states: “Over the past few months we have discussed things that are coming online at the time of launch or that are features we are bringing online after the fact. There are a handful of key topics we wanted to touch on and remind folks about.

  • PC Forge and Theater are coming online for Halo: Reach later next year (Forge and Theater will be available on Xbox One as of 12/3).
  • PC Files share uploads will not be active at launch
  • UGC migration over 6.2 million maps and modes happened this year and that content will be accessible in game as of 12/3.
  • There are some improvements coming to Forge next year, but you need to read below in our technical deep dive for all of the spoilers.”
Credit: 343 Industries

Halo: Reach will be a part of Xbox One’s The Master Chief Collection, with all of the available maps accessible through the game’s file-finder. PC players will have it slightly different though, as games within The Master Chief Collection PC will launch one at a time. This means on PC, Reach maps will live inside Reach alone.

The blog post continues: “As stated previously, PC’s Forge and Theater require a lot of heavy lifting to make functional and feel good on PC. This work is extensive, and something the teams are hard at work on making right. To do so, this required these two features come to PC later in the game’s life cycle next year.

Credit: 343 Industries

“This also includes the ability to upload to file shares on PC, which will not be available at launch. Instead, this will be brought online once some security feature work is done.”

Map-making mode, Forge, and the Theatre mode, won’t be coming to PC until 2020. Both of these modes will be available for Xbox One from launch.

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Halo: Reach comes to PC and Xbox One, December 3rd 2019.

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries