Henry Cavill Excites Fans By Visiting Warhammer World

Superman and The Witcher star Henry Cavill has excited fans once more, this time by visiting Warhammer World. How can you not love this guy?

As reported by PC Gamer, Henry Cavill visited Warhammer World based in the UK. It’s unclear as to why Cavill visited the Games Workshop HQ. It’s more than likely he was invited to meet some of the people that are responsible for one of his passions. However, is it possible that a Cavill and Warhammer collaboration could be in the works?

Posts were shared on social media by overjoyed employees of Games Workshop. But seriously, who wouldn’t be excited to be visited by our king of nerds? Posing in a photo with Mr Cavill, Darren Latham, the Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures Designer described the Man of Steel as a “fantastic guy who REALLY loves Warhammer!

Em Robinson, the Warhammer TV Painting Presenter tweeted: “So we are very humbled and honoured to have the great Henry Cavill visit us at Warhammer World today. Such a nice guy and an amazing herald of our hobby.

Henry Cavill is not only a huge fan of tabletop gaming, but he also loves video games too. Recently, he’s spoken about his desire to star in TV or movie adaptations of Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect. Oh, and he can build PCs too.

Personally, I’m not a Warhammer gamer, but playing tabletop board games and painting miniatures is a big hobby of mine. So, if you fancy popping around for some nerdy goodness, feel free to stop by. I’ll put the kettle on.

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