Henry Cavill Introduces The Witcher In New Netflix Video

Netflix’s The Witcher is right around the corner and for those not familiar with the CD Projekt Red games or the books on which they’re based, Henry Cavill is here to help you out.

Cavill, a known gamer and fan of The Witcher just so happens to be in the show’s starring role, playing Geralt of Rivia. In the run-up to the show’s release on the streaming platform, the man, the myth and the Witcher himself is here to introduce you to the titular character.

Check out Cavill’s thoughts on Geralt in the video below!

YouTube video

Speaking about the character of Geralt, Cavill states: “Geralt isn’t simply a white knight. He isn’t simply a harsh monster hunter. He’s an incredible blend of the two. The rumours about Witchers are that they don’t have emotions, and that is perpetuated by them.

“When they’re created they undergo chemical trials, which is a combination of elixirs and magic, which have very aggressive effects on their bodies. this allows them to take various potions, these potions enhance them in various different ways.

Credit: Netflix

“The signs Witchers cast, they are very basic magic. They’re very, very effective. You often see this very dry humour come through, which is one of the more charming aspects of Geralt.

“Destiny is one of the major themes which is a force which is controlling him. And indeed the world around him. Geralt aggravates Destiny. He doesn’t believe in it, but it turns out there may be a little more to it.”

Credit: Netflix

There’s now just a couple of weeks until the eight-episode series lands on the streaming platform, and if the trailers are anything to go by, we’re in for an absolute treat this Christmas.

Expect a full review of Netflix’s The Witcher from GameByte when it drops on the platform, December 20.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix