Here’s A New Trailer For Halo TV Series, Which Launches In March

Here’s a fresh look at the upcoming Halo TV series with a brand new trailer. Furthermore, we also have a March release date. Rejoice!

We first got a look at the Halo TV series from Paramount Plus in November 2021. However, since that time we’ve not seen much else of the adaptation of the popular Xbox franchise.

In the new trailer, we see the “controllable” Master Chief who discovers the Halo rings. But for some reason, the UNSC seems to be concerned with the Chief’s discovery and suggests that the powers that be will shut him down.

Obviously, we know that will not be the case (at least permanently). After all, this is the Master Chief, humanity’s best hope in the fight against the Covenant. Later in the trailer, we also get a glimpse of what looks like the Flood.

halo tv series
Credit: 343 Industries/Paramount

Overall, in my opinion, the trailer looks fine, especially the action sequences. We also get a look at Cortana, who is sporting a new appearance. Cortana is voiced by Jen Taylor, reprising the role of the iconic AI.

However, I’m not overly keen on the new voice of Master Chief, who is played by Pablo Schreiber. Though to be fair, it perhaps wouldn’t have been ideal for this TV series to recast Steve Downes, as a younger actor would most likely be preferred for this particular role.

halo tv series
Credit: 343 Industries/Paramount

When does the Halo TV series arrive?

It releases exclusively on Paramount Plus from March 24th in the US. The Halo TV series will be available in other regions. Please check your local TV listings for details.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries/Paramount