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Here’s Everything Coming To Xbox Game Pass In March 2022

Xbox has announced all the titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in March 2022, for the first half at least.

The first batch of games coming to Xbox Game Pass this March 2022 has been announced and we’ve got some fantastic titles to look forward to. A band of misfits, take to the skies across the globe, relive your final fantasy or even just mow the lawn. There’s a little something for everyone.

Here’s what’s coming to Xbox Game Pass this month:


Available now

Far: Changing Tides (Xbox, PC and Cloud)

Credit: Okomotive

Travel the seas on an epic adventure in Far: Changing Tides. In a post-apocalyptic world, the lands are flooded in this charming indie platformer, Protagonist “Toe” embarks on a journey to explore the globe on his trusty ship, facing new dangers in the hope of finding a new home. You can read our review of Far: Changing Tides here!

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Cloud)

YouTube video

Finally, Microsoft Flight Simulator is available via the Cloud. Before now, if you wanted to play this realistic flight sim, you would have to take up a massive chunk of your hard drive space. However, that is a problem no more, because you can stream Microsoft Flight Simulator without putting a dent into your storage space. You can stream this game to your console, PC, phone, or tablet. Rejoice!

Available from March 3rd

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox and PC)

final fantasy
Credit: Square Enix

2013s Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII makes its comeback to Xbox Game Pass. You play as Lightning and it’s up to her to save the world once again. However, you only have 13 days until the world ends. So, no pressure then!


Available from March 10th

Kentucky Route Zero (Xbox, PC and Cloud)

YouTube video

In this charming indie darling, you will be taken on an adventure on a secret highway that is located beneath the surface in the caves of Kentucky. However, the townsfolk seem to know more than they let on. Will you discover the true secret to Kentucky Route Zero?

Lawn Mowing Simulator (Xbox One)

Credit: Skyhook Games

After being pushed back from last month’s Xbox Game Pass, Lawn Mowing Simulator finally arrives for Xbox One. Embark on your most courageous quest yet as you mow your neighbour’s front lawn. Unfortunately, most do live to tell their tales of cutting the grass. Will you live long enough to tell yours?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Xbox, PC and Cloud)

YouTube video

For many Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the headline for this month’s Xbox Game Pass, and rightly so. You play as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and with your misfit crew of Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Drax it’s up to you to save the galaxy yet again. Why do I hear you ask? Because we’re the freakin Guardians of the Galaxy, that’s why!


Young Souls (Xbox, PC and Cloud)

young souls
Credit: The Arcade Crew

Young Souls is a delightful RPG brawler that can be played solo or co-op with a friend. Young Souls is described as having “stunning art direction, clever beat ’em up gameplay and RPG mechanics, but also with its sharp writing and incredible universe setting between two worlds you will fall in love with.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

xbox game pass
Credit: Microsoft

If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can also claim some free perks for your favourite games, including Halo Infinite, UFC 4 and Century: Age of Ashes.

  • EA Sports UFC 4 (Xbox) – March 3rd: Claim Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua as new fighters in the octagon. Furthermore, you will also be treated to the Kumite and Backyard Customisation Packs.
  • Halo Infinite (Xbox, PC and Cloud) – March 9th: This month you can claim the exclusive “Pass Tense” Mongoose Vehicle Coating, as well as four 2x XP Boosts and four Challenge Swaps.
  • Century: Age of Ashes (Xbox and PC) – March 14th: The Hjørrani Savannah bundle will grant you a 14-day XP Booster and even extra Gems to customise your dragon warrior. Happy days!

However, with all the goodness coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, we must also say goodbye to some. Thankfully, if you want to buy a game to keep forever, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can take advantage of a 20% discount.

YouTube video

Leaving Xbox Game Pass on March 15th:

  • Nier: Automata (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
  • Phogs! (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
  • Torchlight III (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
  • The Surge 2 (Xbox, PC and Cloud)

What games are you looking forward to playing most of all this month via Xbox Game Pass? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix