Here’s everything you need to know about Captaincy in Sea of Thieves

The next big update for Sea of Thieves is right around the corner, and at long last it introduces Captaincy into the game.

If you’re not familiar, Captaincy was originally planned to be added to the game not long after its launch in 2018. Sea of Thieves has been continuously adding new content over the years, but Captaincy was pushed back and became something of a myth. It would have allowed players to name their ship and become a true captain of their own vessel.

Now, with Season 7 launching on August 4th, we finally have a chance to enjoy this highly-anticipated feature. But what exactly does it entail?

What’s in season 7?

For starters, you can name your ship. Whatever you decide to call it, the name will be proudly displayed above the captain’s cabin of your boat. But be warned, if you change your mind you’ll have to buy a renaming deed from the Pirate Emporium.

But before you can name your ship, you’ll have to buy the vessel itself. A sloop costs 250,000 gold, a Brigantine costs 375,000 and a Galleon costs 500,000. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours for good.

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When the ship’s in your possession, you can depart on your travels and everything you do will earn you progress towards milestones. Doing certain activities will allow you to unlock customisation for your ship, such as trinkets you can place on the walls or on barrels. You can also customise the rug, captain’s table, curtains and more.

There’s also a new trading company called the Sovereigns at each outpost, which allow you to sell all kinds of loot more easily. However, they’ll only deal with captain ships. And if you’re at an outpost, you can buy new supplies and even repair your ship for a cost.

Captain’s Voyages are also being added, which are a new take on older voyages. You can customise how many of each activity you’d like to do on any kind of traditional voyage.

And the more you progress, the more you’ll fill your ship’s logbook. But if you sink, other players can take the book and sell it to the Reapers.

With Sea of Thieves Captaincy, this is definitely one of the biggest updates in a while, and hopefully it’ll be worth the two month delay!

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