Here’s the first official image from John Wick 4

We just got our first official look at the upcoming action flick John Wick: Chapter 4.

Last time we spent some time with John Wick, things were left on a pretty shocking note. The end of Chapter 3 was a brutal way to leave the story off, and fans have been waiting patiently to see what would happen next. While we don’t know exactly where the next chapter is heading, we do have our first image from the film at last.

The image shows John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, sitting among candles in a dark room. The hitman is surrounded by what looks like glasses as well, though much of the image is blurry so it’s difficult to tell. He’s bowing his head and looking somewhat solemn and contemplative.

What does the image mean?

It’s difficult to say what this image could be hinting at. After his betrayal at the hands of Continental hotel owner Winston, the hitman was left in a dire situation. But clearly he’s going to fight back in some form.

But did Winston purposefully shoot John Wick in a way where he could possible survive on purpose? Some fans have theorised as much, but until we see more of the film it’s impossible to know for sure. Either way, it’s very exciting to see what might happen in Chapter 4.

Hopefully we get some more info about the film soon, and possibly a trailer too. The film is out on March 24, 2023 after being pushed back from a 2022 release.

We also got a hint at the next chapter’s title from actor Shamier Anderson, who called the film John Wick: Chapter 4 – Hagakure. The Hagakure is the book of the samurai, and a practical and spiritual guide for warriors. It’ll be interesting to see how this theme plays into the film.

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