Hogwarts Legacy has a PlayStation-exclusive quest

Hogwarts Legacy has a PlayStation-exclusive quest, as confirmed via a PS Store pre-order listing earlier this week.

Yesterday, Warner Bros. Games revealed the awesome Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition that includes a floating wand. However, when Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders went live, it was discovered that PS5, as well as PS4, will have an exclusive quest.

At this time, we do know what this exclusive quest will be. However, it’s quite puzzling that this quest wasn’t advertised prior to or during a recent release date announcement.

Hogwarts Legacy exclusive quest isn’t a pre-order bonus

Furthermore, this quest won’t be exclusive to a particular version of Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation nor will it be a pre-order bonus. It will be available no matter which version you buy. As confirmed by Avalanche Studios community manager, Chandler Wood.

Chandler Wood also revealed that further details on the PlayStation exclusive quest will be “coming soon”. The exclusive content also includes a Felix Felicis potion recipe and will be available for both physical and digital versions.

Hogwarts Legacy fans will miss out

However, while this is a nice little bonus for PlayStation fans, it’s still a shame for those that buy Hogwarts Legacy on other platforms. After all, they will be paying the same price as everyone else, but for less content.

Earlier this week at Gamescom, we were also treated to a new “Dark Arts” gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy hinting at the paths players can take in the campaign.

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Credit: WB Games/Avalanche Software

When is the Hogwarts Legacy release date?

Hogwarts Legacy will release for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on February 10th, 2022. It will then be released for Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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