Sony Shows New Footage From Next Horizon Game

Sony has revealed new footage for the next game in the Horizon series, titled Call of the Mountain.

The gameplay for the VR-exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain was revealed at tonight’s Sony State of Play. The trailer showcases the player sitting in a boat, bound by unknown captors. As the boat journeys through some woods, the group is attacked by a Snapmaw, a hostile aquatic metal creature.

YouTube video

What follows is some new gameplay that wasn’t shown in the last trailer for Call of the Mountain. We get a good look at some other enemy mobs you’ll be fighting, as well as how the bow mechanics work. 

Altogether, it’s looking pretty good as a VR adaptation. It has the same vibe as the first two Horizon games, while translating that into a virtual reality space. 

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Horizon Call of the Mountain will be coming exclusively to PSVR2. As to why it won’t be on the older generation of the hardware, that is likely to do with the power of the PSVR1 not being strong enough.

Additionally, new content is coming to Horizon Forbidden West. The free update includes New Game+, improved performance mode, the ability to switch outfit looks, and a feature that lets you respec your skill points.

This update also adds a harder difficulty level, as well as new weapons and trophies to collect. This update is available to all PS4 and PS5 owners today.

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Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games