Horizon Forbidden West Players Find God Of War Easter Eggs

Despite being out for less than a week, players have found a few God of War easter eggs in Horizon Forbidden West.

As reported by TheGamer, totems of Kratos and Atreus can be found, as well as brother dwarves, Brok and Sindri. That being said, we won’t include any images of the easter eggs here, because we’ll save the joy of discovering them first-hand for yourself.

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Located in the hills north of Cliffwatch (east of the Greenhouse) you can find Kratos’ Leviathan axe stuck in a tree. Furthermore, if you follow the nearby tracks, you will discover Kratos and Atreus’ wood cabin which was the location of the epic opening moments of God of War (2018). Here you will also find the first Totem of War.

Additionally, an archery training grounds location can be found to the north end of the Isle of Spires. This particular hunting ground pays homage to Atreus, and you can also find the Totem of Youth nearby.

In terms of the dwarven duo, you can discover wooden figures for Brok and Sindri with the Totem of Brotherhood in No Man’s Land. This totem can be found next to a machine Aloy has destroyed.

However, there is more. Because once you discover all God of War totems, you will be rewarded with the ‘Mark of War’ face paint.

mark of war
Credit: Guerrilla Games

In related Horizon Forbidden West news, the sequel has become Sony’s second most successful PS5 game this year, so far. That being said, that has stopped some disgruntled gamers from review bombing the sequel on Metacritic.

Have you discovered the God of War easter eggs in Horizon Forbidden West? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony