How To Use Custom Arenas In WWE 2K22

Only the keenest sports entertainment fans will need to know how to use custom arenas in WWE 2K22. Luckily for them, we’ve created a guide so players can do the dirty on Vince and sneak an AEW arena in without him noticing. We’re joking, Vince sees everything. Sorry, Vince.

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The Creation Suite lets players create and download custom arenas, whilst Create a Wrestler mode allows players to do the unthinkable in making a custom wrestler (sarcasm intended).

Download via creation suite – How To Use Custom Arenas In WWE 2K22

The fastest way to grab a custom arena is to scroll through player creations in the Creation Suite. Make sure to keep track of the Arenas that are being downloaded however in case you need to troubleshoot the WWE 2K22 crashing error.

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AEW Arena in WWE 2K22? Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Follow the steps below to do just that:


– First, browse the custom arenas in the MyCreation mode to download one.

– From the creations menu, select the ‘show’ tab then go for ‘new’.

– In the Create A Show menu screen select ‘arena’.

– Press the right controller bumper and pick the custom arena you want to use.

– Players can now change the show name, the music, the commentary, and the location.

– You’ll also want to add a watermark image – if you’ve downloaded an AEW show, for example, you’ll want to add an AEW logo so that it’s authentic. We’ve written a guide on how to use the WWE 2K22 image uploader too.

– You can also change the referee, add screen filters, overlay design, the match-up screen and the replay screen.

– Make sure to save the show once everything is in place.

– Said Arena and all settings will now be available in Exhibition matches and Universe modes.


So long story short, make sure to brand everything AEW and show us all the hard work done across our social media channels. Not that we don’t love WWE, it’s just funny, isn’t it?

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