It Looks Like Borderlands 3 Might Be An Epic Store Exclusive

The world was pretty excited to hear that Borderlands 3 is officially releasing after months of speculation, but it looks like there’s potentially some controversy on the horizon…

Yesterday a since-deleted tweet from the official Borderlands Twitter account may have accidentally announced that Borderlands 3 will be out on September 13.

Credit: Gearbox

A second deleted message also showed off a couple of seconds of footage, signing off with the Epic Store logo. Although this isn’t confirmation of it being an exclusive, it’s definitely set the wheels turning, as Steam’s logo was nowhere to be seen…

The Epic Games Store is a seriously disliked place right now. Despite offering up two free games a month and trying its best to compete with Steam, Valve fans simply aren’t having it.

The Epic Store has been accused of having flawed security systems, and after the whole Metro Exodus thing, people just don’t want to engage with the platform.

Credit: Gearbox

It’s important to note that yesterday – the day of the deleted tweets – was April 1, a.k.a April Fool’s day. However, deleting the tweets right after doesn’t really seem like a joke…

On Twitter, Gearbox employee Randy Pitchford tweeted a statement to saying that any decisions about releasing the game come from 2k Interactive and not Gearbox itself.

He also added that himself and Gearbox are keen for cross-platform play.

Credit: Gearbox

What do you think about Borderlands 3 potentially being an Epic Store exclusive?



Featured Image Credit: Gearbox