Our poor hard drive space!

It Looks Like The Halo Infinite File Size Is Going To Be Huge

Thanks to a leaked image, it looks like the Halo Infinite file size is going to be huge. So, you better clear up that hard drive space.

The ‘leaked’ image is courtesy of Twitter user OSKOOL-G, and they shared an image that looks to be directly from the Microsoft Store. However, I’ve checked the Microsoft Store and at the time of writing, the details of the file size are not shown.

Your hard drive space could take a big hit!

halo infinite
Credit: 343 Industries

According to the image, it states that the file size of Halo Infinite is a whopping 97.24GB. Furthermore, if this file size is genuine, you can only expect it to increase after the game has been released. After all, Halo Infinite will be an evolving game with new seasons and content updates.


It is also not surprising that the potential file size of Halo Infinite is around 100GB. The game will not only include a single player campaign, but also a robust multiplayer mode to boot.

However, it’s also worth keeping in mind that this image could be fake and not genuine. So, we must take all rumours, speculation, and leaks with a pinch of salt. Until at least the information is officially verified.

We better clear up that hard drive space!

On a personal note, I only have an Xbox Series S, so if this leak is true, I better plow through my pile of shame and clear that ever-precious hard drive space.

YouTube video

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Halo Infinite will release for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this fall. Its multiplayer will also be free-to-play for all.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft